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Achievable opens Clinic for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

On Monday, November 4, our grantee The Achievable Foundation celebrated the Grand Opening of Achievable Clinic, a first-of-its-kind, multidisciplinary medical home for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.More than 100 supporters attended, including our own Lynne O’ Hara, Executive […]

Disability and Discrimination at the Doctor’s Office

By Pauline W. Chen, M.D., The New York TimesIn his 60s, overweight and in a wheelchair, the patient had been seeing doctors and nurses regularly for his diabetes. Only recently had they discovered a pressure sore after someone had finally, […]

  • The Arc, S.F. Screening

The Arc in S.F. to Help Pilot U.S. Study

[In the photo above: Ann Slater gets her blood pressure checked by Marilyn Petrich, a volunteer nurse, during a free health screening at The Arc in S.F. The agency provides health care for adults with developmental disabilities. Photo by Lea […]


Part One: Tables and Scales

PDF Transcript of Part One: Tables & Scales


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  • shf

6 Ways the Special Hope Foundation is improving healthcare for people with disabilities

“Hello, this is Matthew calling,” said the phone message “I want to talk to my mother about something. Mom? Are you there? Mom?”Matthew, who has autism, is my son. He […]

  • my-state-hospital-nightmare

Respecting end-of-life decisions for people with disabilities

My mother was 71 the last time she was hospitalized for a serious illness that she would end her life. “Will you bring my CD player to the hospital so […]

  • sad

Developmental Disabilities 101 at UCSF’s Mini-Medical School

I sat in a child size chair and watched as my two-year old son, Matthew, dressed in his green Gymboree shorts and a blue striped polo shirt, stacked small multi-colored […]

  • service dog

Service Dogs 101 for people with developmental disabilities

The Special Hope Foundation awarded a grant to JFK Partners UCEDD and LEND at the University of Colorado last February to help a student group, Disability Dialogue, expand their program.The […]

  • dog

Living with disabilities: New ASAN toolkit ensures support in every setting

Home and community-based servicesThey are an important source of support for many people with disabilities who need help to live in the community. But so far, many of these services have been […]

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