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Supported Decision Making: Gabby's Story

Bridging the Gap: Improving Healthcare Access for People with Disabilities

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Improving the Healthcare of Adults with Developmental Disabilities Virtually

Grantee Profile: The Cleveland ClinicThe problemPeople with Down Syndrome have complex health issues, but few fail to receive recommended health care.  According to a 1999 study less than 50% of patients with Down syndrome were evaluated for obstructive sleep apnea, [...]

Special Hope Grantee Update: Positive Exposures

In 1998, award-winning fashion photographer Rick Guidoti turned his world upside down – he stopped working in the fashion industry and created the not-for-profit organization, Positive Exposure, devoted to celebrating the beauty of human diversity. More than fifteen years later, Positive [...]

  • adult with Down Syndrome

Grantee Profile: The Down Syndrome Connection of the Bay Area (DSCBA)

Photo courtesy of Positive Exposure in collaboration with the Golisano Foundation. Living a full and healthy life with Down Syndrome"The minute our daughter was born, the hospital room went silent. Where there should have been ‘Congratulations’ and ‘It’s a [...]

  • Organ Transplant

People with disabilities and organ transplantation rights

There is an unfortunate story that people with intellectual disabilities know too well.Too many medical professionals think of them in terms of “function” or “dysfunction.”Lily Parra, for example, is 4 months old and needs a heart. But there was a [...]

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