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of adults with developmental disabilities

Supported Decision Making: Gabby's Story

Bridging the Gap: Improving Healthcare Access for People with Disabilities

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Learning how to be a dentist for adults with disabilites

Enhancing the education of dental studentsMy son 30-year-old son Matthew is autistic and has been going to the same dentist since he was 10 years old. Dr. Troy “gets”Matthew, so therefore Matthew loves going to the dentist.Recently, it seemed practical [...]

Special Hope Foundation’s Ryan Easterly Appointed to President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities

We have some good news to share.President Barack Obama has announced his intention appoint Ryan Easterly, a member of the Special Hope Foundation’s Board of Directors, to the President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities (PCPID).Ryan is Co-Founder and Director [...]

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Integrating oral health for people with disabilities

The American Public Health Association adopted 11 new policy statements at their annual meeting last week. The policy statements covered topics ranging from increasing the minimum wage, to reducing exposure to harmful chemicals, to promoting transgender and gender diverse health--and promoting [...]

Personal touch + Technology = Successful Digital Health

Understanding the goal of digital healthMy 30-year-old son Matthew is autistic, and he loves going to the doctor. He loves it so much that he recently  told me how much he was looking forward to his upcoming colonoscopy.Matthew has advanced [...]

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Thank you @TuftsDental for providing services for people with disabilities for 40 years: #disability #dentalcare 
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How a Digital Health Advisor Could Help High-Need, High-Cost Patients and Their Caregivers 
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The JVS-Tri-County Dental Program grantee...