Accessible healthcare delivery designed to meet the needs
of adults with developmental disabilities

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Positive Exposure: redefining the art of medical education

Special Hope Foundation Grantee Profile

Once a month, the Special Hope Foundation highlights the work of one of our grantees, and the ways in which they promote the establishment of comprehensive health care for adults with developmental disabilities designed to address their […]

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Strengthening the health care delivery system for adults with disabilities

How can health care systems improve care to adults with developmental disabilities?

The Special Hope Foundation brought together 100 health care professionals, disability rights program advocates and experts last month for Effective Healthcare for Adults with Developmental Disabilities, a Symposium designed […]

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Healthcare for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

The Special Hope Foundation Symposium participants make recommendations, plan next steps 

When nearly 100 health care professionals,  disability rights program advocates and experts gathered for The Special Hope Foundation’s Effective Healthcare for Adults with Developmental Disabilities symposium, key questions emerged after the day’s introductory […]

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Effective Healthcare for Adults With Developmental Disabilities

Is California on the right track?

On Friday, September 25, The Special Hope Foundation welcomed healthcare providers, funders, researchers, advocates and policy makers to take part in a ground-breaking healthcare symposium. The goal of the symposium was to take a collaborative look at managed healthcare […]

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