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Supported Decision Making: Gabby's Story

Bridging the Gap: Improving Healthcare Access for People with Disabilities

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Grantee Profile: The Lurie Center at Massachusetts General Hospital

Healthcare for individuals with autism across the lifespanWhen children with autism become adults, they require medical care tailored to their complex behavioral and medical needs. That's why we are excited to support the work of  the Lurie Center for Autism [...]

Special Hope and USC Center for Body Computing: The promise of digital health tools for people with disabilities

We'd like to share some exciting newsThe USC Center for Body Computing and the Special Hope Foundation are joining forces to encourage companies to design digital health tools for people with disabilities.Please read the details of this collaboration, share with [...]

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Grantee Profile: The Office of Developmental Primary Care – UCSF

Healthcare for transition age youth and adults with developmental disabilitiesAccessing quality healthcare requires communication, cooperation and advanced planning. It's critical that people with disabilities receive the resources and support they need  to stay healthy. The Special Hope Foundation is proud [...]

Creating access to healthcare with digital technology

USC Center for Body Computing: HistoryIn 2006, cardiologist Leslie Saxon was inspired by the new capability of implantable defibrillators that could stream information from her patients’ devices daily from their homes. She and her colleagues at USC’s Keck School of [...]

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Our latest grantee profile: The Lurie Autism Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. They are creating Autism... 
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Listening to other people (disabled or not) involves a lot of skills. 
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Stunning piece by H. Lee, guest blogger for the Disability Disability... 
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RT @mariashriver:So great my mom is included here. Always thought she deserved a Nobel Prize in her lifetime. Thx @BuzzFeed! 
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Congratulations to Dr. Stephen Sulkes of Rochester on his well-deserved recognition.