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Supported Decision Making: Gabby's Story

Bridging the Gap: Improving Healthcare Access for People with Disabilities

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Creating access to healthcare with digital technology

USC Center for Body Computing: HistoryIn 2006, cardiologist Leslie Saxon was inspired by the new capability of implantable defibrillators that could stream information from her patients’ devices daily from their homes. She and her colleagues at USC’s Keck School of [...]

The Special Hope Foundation’s Self-Advocate Advisory Board

Are you a person with a developmental disability interested in promoting healthcare? Join Special Hope Foundation’s Self-Advocate Advisory Board!About the Special Hope FoundationThe Special Hope Foundation is a private family foundation that promotes the establishment of comprehensive health care for [...]

Digital Health: Improving lives of people with disabilities

What does Pokémon Go have to do with it?Early results indicate that Pokémon Go players appear to show improvement in mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety, and they are losing weight.  Both of these may very well be [...]

Understanding Autism, Aggression, and Self-Injury: a medical approach

Special Hope Foundation Grantee, Dr. Clarissa Kripke, recently spoke on a panel for Support for Families in San Francisco, and told this story:"A man was going around doing really challenging things, like going up to law enforcement and grabbing them, [...]

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Self-Advocates Interested in promoting healthcare?Apply for @specialhope Advisory Board.Deadline Sept 30:… 
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Virtualizating a patient for surgical/procedural planning. Wow. #USCBCC10