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  • AADMD Conference

Special Hope Foundation’s Class of 2015

{Image Description:Thee smiling men with beige skin posing for the camera men wearing conference badges.The man on the left is middle aged and has a full grey beard, the middle is also middle aged and has a grey mustache and the man on the left is tall, […]

  • D5-ADA-Banner-rev

D5 inspires foundations to view disability as diversity

How can we inspire foundations to be more inclusive in their grantmaking?

This is a question that we at the Special Hope Foundation ask ourselves a lot. Recently, we had the incredible opportunity to talk with Kelly Brown, the Executive Director […]

Tim Shriver thanks the Special Hope Foundation at AADMD 2015

But that is not the only thing that happened at the AADMD Global Summit on Innovations is Health and IDD.

This unique, international conference on health and healthcare for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities was held in Los Angeles, CA July […]

#ADA25 at the White House with our own Alice Wong

July 20, 2015 was a good day for the Special Hope Foundation’s Alice Wong, the Founder and Project Coordinator of the Disability Visibility Project.

President Obama spoke in the East Room of the White House about the 25th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. […]

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Should read "11 Crucial Ways" and include ACCESSIBLE QUALITY HEALTHCARE for people with... 
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Love hearing stories about why people chose to work with people with disabilities. Like... 
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Interesting story about how digital health companies are designed, and how they benefit...