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Improving the Healthcare of Adults with Developmental Disabilities Virtually

Grantee Profile: The Cleveland Clinic

The problem

People with Down Syndrome have complex health issues, but few fail to receive recommended health care.  According to a 1999 study less than 50% of patients with Down syndrome were evaluated for obstructive sleep apnea, atlanto-axial instability, hearing loss and vision loss; and only 50 to 80% of adults […]

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Special Hope Grantee Update: Positive Exposures

Postive Exposure

In 1998, award-winning fashion photographer Rick Guidoti turned his world upside down – he stopped working in the fashion industry and created the not-for-profit organization, Positive Exposure, devoted to celebrating the beauty of human diversity. 

More than fifteen years later, Positive Exposure, in collaboration with individuals living […]

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