Frequently Asked Questions

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According to the California Department of Developmental Services, the term developmental disability refers to a severe and chronic disability that is attributable to a mental or physical impairment that begins before an individual reaches adulthood. These disabilities include intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, and disabling conditions closely related to intellectual disability or requiring similar treatment.
Comprehensive healthcare is healthcare which provides for all patient needs at all stages of life. The goal of this type of healthcare is usually to keep patients fit and healthy, and to encourage people to address medical needs as soon as they arise, rather than waiting for them to become serious. However, it also includes services to treat acute, chronic, and terminal conditions.
Yes. Only 501(c)(3) organizations are eligible for funding at this time.
These are nonprofits classified by the IRS as a type of support organization. Recent legislation requires additional due diligence that we are unable to provide at this time. We recommend that you refer the group you support to our website and encourage them to apply directly.
While projects are of more interest to us, general operating expenses would be considered if the program is compelling and there is a sound plan to increase financial independence in the future.
Most grants are for one year. However, under special circumstances, a grant for up to three years might be considered if it met the following criteria:

  • There is a specific reason why long-term funding is needed.
  • This reason is not due to mismanaged finances or poor financial planning.
  • An agreement is made whereby the grantseeker will submit regular evaluation reports which would be reviewed by the board to determine if the criteria had been met in order to release funds for subsequent years. These criteria would be agreed upon by both parties at the onset of the grant relationship.

It is also possible for the organization to apply for funding in consecutive years.

We like them. In fact, if your financial request is large, we may encourage you to find other sources of funding along with ours to make your goal. We encourage partnerships and collaborative efforts in grantmaking.
To begin the grant proposal process, a Pre-application Questionnaire (LOI) must be submitted to us. This can be done through our website during an open cycle. The Pre-application is not a grant proposal but simply a means for us to gather some basic information about your organization and to determine if a formal grant proposal is in order. If your Pre-application is of interest to us, you will be contacted with instructions on how to submit a formal grant proposal. Even if your Pre-application is not a fit with our organization, you submission will be acknowledged. Please do not send a formal grant proposal without an invitation from our agency. If you have any other questions, please send us an email at or call us at (650) 320-1715.
We have three grant cycles per year and our board meets three times per year to review grant applications. Grant cycles begin in November, March, and July of each year—with the July grant cycle typically being a Request for Proposal by invitation only.
We are situated in the Silicon Valley region of the San Francisco Bay Area in Palo Alto, California.
While we give preference to Bay Area organizations, any project that falls within our guidelines is of interest to us and eligible for possible funding.